California College Tour – Vintage Airstream near Santa Monica Pier

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My youngest daughter, college seeker and travel buddy is guest writing this blog post.  With Carissa’s frequent appearances here I thought she should be heard as well as seen. Besides, she writes more better 🙂 Ronnie Upon arrival to LA … Continue reading

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. The Oregon/California Coastal Adventure comes to a conclusion.

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Crossing the Golden Gate bridge is never the same experience no matter how often one traverses it. The weather can change by the minute, cloaked in fog for a moment, bathed in sunshine the next, whatever the weather, it’s always … Continue reading

Goatlandia! Oregon/California Coastal Adventure

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Carissa and I could hardly wait to revisit Portland Oregon. Ever since we entered and exited through Portland last year on our Rogue river rafting trip we have wanted to return. This year, we made it the starting point for … Continue reading

Texas to Alabama Road Trip

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When I heard that Christina’s friend Leah was getting married in Birmingham, Alabama this May, two words came to mind (after congrats!), road trip! My oldest daughter Christina and I have always enjoyed road trips together. Among our favorites have … Continue reading