World Without Orphans Conference begins in Bogotá, Colombia

In Bogotá, Colombia – Photographing for World Without Orphans The banquet tonight kicked off the first World Without Orphans Conference in Bogotá, Colombia. World Without Orphans is a global movement with a shared vision for orphans becoming sons and daughters. Their dream is … Continue reading

Exploring the Sunday Night Market in Chiang Mai, Thailand with Alex Sam and Friends

  This is not my typical post, but then, Alex Sam and his friends are not very typical either. I came to know Alex a year ago while interviewing him for World Without Orphans. We stopped the interview a few times and … Continue reading

Baan Phonsawan Residential Home at Global Forum for a World Without Orphans

Baan Phonsawan is a residential home and pre-school for children from severely damaged homes. This is a well-run facility caring for severely disadvantaged children, who are now happy, enthusiastic, well-fed and receiving standard Thai education. The youngest children are taught … Continue reading

Photographing World Without Orphans Worship Leader Mac Powell

Thursday Feb 11th – In Chiang Mai Thailand for World Without Orphans Global Forum It was exciting to work on stage, photographing Third Day’s Mac Powell during rehearsal. World Without Orphans is blessed to have Mac lead in worship during … Continue reading