Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. The Oregon/California Coastal Adventure comes to a conclusion.


Crossing the Golden Gate bridge is never the same experience no matter how often one traverses it. The weather can change by the minute, cloaked in fog for a moment, bathed in sunshine the next, whatever the weather, it’s always unique.  This time, our crossing comes at the end of a 10 day Oregon/California Coastal adventure and feels more like coming home than it does traveling. Surrounded by fog that yields occasionally to the wind, I catch a fleeting glimpse of Point Bonita Lighthouse off to my right, a pleasant reminder of Christina and Jacobs wedding two years prior. The low moan of a foghorn sounds off from below and the traffic, there is always traffic here, cars, trucks, scooters, even walkers, joggers and bikers fill the sidewalks that line either side of this majestic orange bridge. I have used each of these means to cross and would be hard pressed to pick a favorite. Perhaps biking it from the San Francisco side to Sausalito and then a return by ferry is my favorite.

PointReyesOld1 PointReyesOld2

With our priorities clearly in order, and the proper advance phone call made, we confirmed that our favorite first stop would not be in vain. Dynamo Donuts was indeed still open and was saving an assortment of our favorite flavors, Coconut, Lemon Pistachio & Cornmeal Rosemary cherry.

We thoroughly enjoyed the last two days of our trip and the following images make me smile as they remind me that the ingredients for fun need not be complicated, a picnic in the park, good food, laughing at oneself (ok, and occasionally at/with selected others!), exploring new sights and sharing it all with someone special,  these are just a few of the reasons I love traveling.




Enjoying our Dynamo Donuts at Dolores Park in The Mission area of San Francisco


One of our favorite Airbnb places to stay, in the Mission District of San Francisco


Our room in the Mission


Lot’s of “characters” at Dolores Park in The Mission


Nice girl we met in Dolores Park whom Carissa bought a film camera from, she was holding a “mini garage sale” in the park


Carissa with her “new” used camera


Bi-Rite, The best neighborhood store ever… across from Dolores Park


Picnic goodies from Bi-Rite, best Cuban sandwich to be found (The Fidel)


Heading to Dolores park with our supplies


We were in luck on this trip, we happened to be here for “Dolores Park Movie Night” A rare treat and quit a spectacle.


“Dolores Park Movie Night”


Morning bike ride to Dynamo Donuts


Amazing flavors at Dynamo Donuts


Donuts that are baked, not fried, and the ingredients come from some of the most famous organic farms and dairies in california. No wonder Dynamo is our first and last stop on each trip to San Francisco.


Bijan and his dog Sushi at Dynamo Donuts in The Mission



Each first sunday of the month during the summer is “Sunday Streets in the Mission” down Valencia and 24th Streets. Closed to cars one can roam freely by foot or bike


A band “tuning up” for Sunday Streets in the Mission

PointReyesOld (1)

I’ll let Carissa tell you the story about “the jacket that got away”



Love the Vietnamese food here at Bun Mee



Fun playground we found with some rather odd playground equipment



Smitten Ice Cream


Each batch is made fresh as you order


Honey Nectarine drizzled with honey… oh my goodness 🙂


Carissa’s Very Berry Sundae… so good !!


Located just a few blocks away is Blue Bottle coffee, the perfect compliment to Smitten Ice Cream


San Francisco transportation


Our new favorite for Chinese food is Mission Chinese. Flavors so hot it’ll make you cry, taste’s so good you can’t stop eating! Sizzling Cumin Lamb, Kung Pao Pastrami and Tiger salad.

Be sure and click on the image below of Carissa, tears streaming down her cheeks,  attempting to “put out the fire” with a cold beverage…

sanFran35sanFran36sanFran37sanFran38PointReyesOld2 (1)PointReyesOld3PointReyesOld1 (1)


Biking to Boogaloos for breakfast


Breakfast of choice in The Mission… Boogaloos !!


Desayuno Tipico , 2 eggs, grilled plantain cake topped with tamarind sour cream, black bean and corn tortillas


Lemon cornmeal panackes


Clarion Alley between Mission and Valencia Streets and 17th and 18th Streets


Mission Dolores, is the oldest surviving structure in San Francisco and the sixth religious settlement established as part of theCalifornia chain of missions. The Mission was founded on June 29, 1776, by Lieutenant José Joaquin Moraga and Father Francisco Palóu (a companion of Father Junipero Serra), both members of the de Anza Expedition, which had been charged with bringing Spanish settlers to Alta (upper) California, and evangelizing the local Natives, theOhlone.

PointReyesOld2 (2)

Mission Dolores – In the 1906 earthquake the mission was not damaged but the church next to the mission was and it was never rebuilt; what remains has been preserved in close to its original state.


Towering over the original mission built in 1776 is Mission Dolores Basilica

PointReyesOld1 (2)

Inside Mission Dolores Basilica

PointReyesOld3 (1)

Thanks for allowing us to share our Oregon/California Coastal Adventure  with you!

For more photo’s of our Oregon/California Coastal Adventure click here.



Bunn Mee

Dynamo Donuts

Mission Chinese


14 thoughts on “Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. The Oregon/California Coastal Adventure comes to a conclusion.

  1. Great as usual…Liked the golden color of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Try to enter some of these in a photo contest.  Maybe also the Texas State Fair photo works.. Billy


  2. As always, enjoyed traveling through your blog. Your photography is amazing and your writing enjoyable. Thank you for sharing another adventure!

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