The Power of Listening to Your Heart and Taking Action, Joe and Rick’s story in Gunchire, Ethiopia

The town of Gunchire is where it all started for Joe Robertson and pastor Rick of Pathway Church. It was here that their partnership built Kidmia orphanage. Later came a library with 6000 books, the kindergarten expansion, a water station … Continue reading

Wenchi Cherkos monastery – Outside Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Before returning to Africa later this week, I feel compelled to post one more story from my trip taken a few weeks ago to Ethiopia with The Adera Foundation. This short video, aptly named “Journeys”, chronicles our journey to the … Continue reading

Sharing Trust, Faith and Change at 37,996 feet in the air, somewhere over the Atlantic ocean.

Mission work doesn’t stop when you step off foreign soil, there are stories to be shared everywhere we go. When Emirates flight attendants Kristine and Carolina asked me where I had been before my Dubai to Dallas connection, I explained … Continue reading

Adera Daycare Center – Saying Goodbye! In and around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with The Adera Foundation

The Adera Daycare Center is the heart of the family preservation work that Adera does. Over this past week we have become good friends with the workers, the moms who are cared for by Adera and we have cradled their … Continue reading

Blein – When Poverty Has A Face, In and around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with The Adera Foundation

Upon first meeting Blein you are struck by her natural beauty and poise. If you were guessing her vocation, vogue magazine would come to mind. In fact, Blein has been working for The Adera Foundation here in Ethiopia for over … Continue reading

Serving the children at Hiber Primary School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – In and around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with The Adera Foundation

Friday June 12th – We have retuned to Hiber Primary School the last couple of days, helping with the lunch preparations, weaving classes and leading out in a sports day. I am not sure who enjoyed it most, the students … Continue reading

Allowing pain and tragedy to transform your life and the life of others – In and around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with Adera Foundation

Wednesday, June 10th – Part of our group with The Adera Foundation worked at the 1st-8th grade Charisma School today and it was an honer to accompany them, documenting the day with photographs and stories. I had the privilege accompany … Continue reading

Ruth – In and around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with Adera Foundation

[SEPTEMBER 2nd 2015 UPDATE] A couple of months ago when I was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, I wrote a story about a little girl named Ruth who touched my heart. While many of little Ruth’s problems cannot be fixed, one could. … Continue reading