Finding faith and perspective in Cambodia

  When the Khmer Rouge regime swept through Cambodia in the 1970’s, nearly a quarter of its population was extinguished from torture, mass executions, malnutrition and disease. It’s estimated that between one and three million lives were lost. After flying … Continue reading

The Prayer of Saint Francis in the Impoverished Klong Toey Area of Bangkok, Thailand

February 11th, 2016 In the impoverished area of Klong Toey in Bangkok, Thailand The pain from sickness and death impacts all of our lives, it is unfortunately one of life’s non negotiables and it’s impact on us all is a reminder … Continue reading

The Body of Christ – In Thailand and Cambodia

The journey to Thailand and Cambodia from which I just returned left me more physically exhausted yet spiritually renewed than any other trip I have taken. This morning when I awoke after the first full nights sleep in fourteen days, … Continue reading

At Home of the Open Heart Orphanage, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Thursday Feb 18th – At Home of the Open Heart Orphanage, Chiang Rai, Thailand My senses reeled and my heart sank as I visited a hospice center in Chaing Mai, holding the hand of a dear man who is dying … Continue reading

Smiles – In and around Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, with Orphan Outreach

I am traveling today in Guatemala with Orphan Outreach on a vision casting trip for the church I attend, Birchman Baptist, Our first care facility visit today was at a government run home for children. Sadly, many are placed here … Continue reading

Aging Out – In the Philippine Islands with Orphan Sunday

Aging out is a serious issue in the 147,000,000 global orphan crisis. Orphans that are “unadoptable”, growing up in orphanages and at the age of 18 being released to the streets with no one to care for them. The typical … Continue reading

Meet Orphan Sunday’s International Director, Jodi Tucker – In the Philippine Islands with Orphan Sunday

  Every since God connected me with Jodi Tucker a little over a year ago, resulting in my assistance in the making of last years Orphan Sunday video in Guatemala,  I have tried to describe Jodi to others with only … Continue reading