The Miracle and Fragility of life – At Yosemite’s Canyon Rim

  January 17th 2016 – In and around the Yosemite National Park Wilderness, photographing the stars with Marcus Bowen Somehow, our afternoon meet up in Yosemite National Park did not materialize, storytelling, an unforgettable meal and conversations with the wait … Continue reading

San Francisco to LA, Taking Carissa to Pepperdine University… the long way Part 2 of 5

Trading in our scooter for a rental car, we departed San Francisco and headed south. The 1 1/2 hour ride from San Francisco allows ample time to settle into a different rhythm. This change of pace from San Francisco is what … Continue reading

San Francisco to LA, Taking Carissa to Pepperdine University… the long way Part 1 of 5

The San Francisco I have frequently overheard being discussed by tourists, bears little resemblance to the San Francisco that I know and love. It’s been years since I have ventured into the  touristy throng at Pier 39, Fishermans Wharf or wait in long … Continue reading

Twelve photo’s I would like to share with Christina

One of the many passions that Christina and I shared was exploring places of beauty and photographing them together. The photo above was taken April the 11th, 2011 on a gorgeous spring evening by the Pacific Ocean. Christina and I were having the time … Continue reading

California College Tour – Charming Silver Lake Cabin, Los Angelos

This gallery contains 11 photos.

We were pleasantly surprised upon the arrival to our abode, an Airbnb cottage side-house. We passed through the blue green glass door and found a cozy and rustic one room oasis on a hill overlooking the LA skyline behind a … Continue reading

California College Tour – Vintage Airstream near Santa Monica Pier

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My youngest daughter, college seeker and travel buddy is guest writing this blog post.  With Carissa’s frequent appearances here I thought she should be heard as well as seen. Besides, she writes more better 🙂 Ronnie Upon arrival to LA … Continue reading

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. The Oregon/California Coastal Adventure comes to a conclusion.

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Crossing the Golden Gate bridge is never the same experience no matter how often one traverses it. The weather can change by the minute, cloaked in fog for a moment, bathed in sunshine the next, whatever the weather, it’s always … Continue reading