San Francisco to LA, Taking Carissa to Pepperdine University… the long way Part 2 of 5

Trading in our scooter for a rental car, we departed San Francisco and headed south. The 1 1/2 hour ride from San Francisco allows ample time to settle into a different rhythm. This change of pace from San Francisco is what … Continue reading


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Lighthouses have always fascinated me. I love their history, the role that they play and the hope that they represent. This week, Carissa and I depart for a lighthouse tour along the Oregon and California coast. We will start in Portland, … Continue reading

California Adventure: Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel

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Having spent 4 days in the city utilizing every form of transportation: walking, running, taxi, scooter, cable cars, bus and rail (both below and above ground), we are now enjoying the independence offered by our shiny black Camaro convertible. We made the … Continue reading

California Adventure: San Francisco

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Travel can be such a conundrum. You want to explore someplace that you have never been to and to experience the joy of fresh discoveries. However, when you have already experienced places that hold a special allure, it’s hard not … Continue reading