The Ripple Effect of Love – In the Philippines with Therese

[Written a few weeks ago while visiting Bohol Island in the Philippines] Unable to sleep any longer in my still-dark Hotel room in the Philippines, I quickly dressed and crossed the bridge to the Badjao on a tuk-tuk. I wanted … Continue reading

Walking beside the Badjao Tribe – In the Philippine Islands with Orphan Sunday

[August 24, 2015] Ever since I had the pleasure of traveling to the Philippines last December with Dan Johansen, executive director of Badjao Bridge, I have wanted to return. Dan’s ministry to the Badjao Tribe on Panglao Island captured my heart … Continue reading

Departing for Zambia and returning to the Badjao Sea Tribe in the Philippines, August 6th through August 27th

Last December, as I tiptoed across the planks that connect the little huts the Badjao Tribe call home, I snapped this photo of a little Badjao girl appropriately named “Angel”. Little did I know then that her photo would be … Continue reading

Trust, Faith and Change on Panglao Island in the Philippines

A few weeks before I was to accompany Dan Johanson and the Badjao Bridge team to the Philippines last month, I received an email from Dan containing a heartbreaking story. Little Pina, a five year old Badjao girl, had slipped … Continue reading

Saying goodbye, With Badjao Bridge and the Badjao Sea Tribe on Panglao Island in the Philippines (Sunday December 7th)

Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when it is to those that you have come to know and love. Despite this thing we call poverty, these people that I have come to know as friends have a quality about them … Continue reading

Little Therese… With Badjao Bridge and the Badjao Sea Tribe on Bohol Island in the Philippines (December 6th, Saturday)

When I first contacted Dan Johanson of Bajao Bridge a year ago and learned of his beautiful ministry here on Bohol Island I started sponsoring little Therese. Therese is one of the reasons I came to the Philippines and meeting … Continue reading