Sante Fe New Mexico at The Cathedral Basilica of St Francis of Assisi with Christina and Kateri Tekakwitha

Upon our arrival to Sante Fe New Mexico last night and after checking into our hotel a block away from the square, I went for a walk to see the beautiful Christmas lights and luminaries that Sante Fe is famous for … Continue reading

Monday Morning Reflections on Guatemala, Finding Hope, Strength and Courage

Sifting through photographs during today’s Monday morning armchair travels, I found myself reliving memories from my trip back in September with Orphan Sunday to Guatemala. Memories that are like little footnotes for a future direction. Guatemala will always hold a very … Continue reading

Saying goodbye, With Badjao Bridge and the Badjao Sea Tribe on Panglao Island in the Philippines (Sunday December 7th)

Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when it is to those that you have come to know and love. Despite this thing we call poverty, these people that I have come to know as friends have a quality about them … Continue reading

Little Therese… With Badjao Bridge and the Badjao Sea Tribe on Bohol Island in the Philippines (December 6th, Saturday)

When I first contacted Dan Johanson of Bajao Bridge a year ago and learned of his beautiful ministry here on Bohol Island I started sponsoring little Therese. Therese is one of the reasons I came to the Philippines and meeting … Continue reading

Twelve photo’s I would like to share with Christina

One of the many passions that Christina and I shared was exploring places of beauty and photographing them together. The photo above was taken April the 11th, 2011 on a gorgeous spring evening by the Pacific Ocean. Christina and I were having the time … Continue reading

Oregon Coast Bike Tour, July 2014

Once the two large boxes containing our bikes were shipped to Portland, it finally begin to dawn on me that this trip was really about to happen. We trained all that we could, carefully selected our gear, and now it … Continue reading

Life, don’t miss it!

As many of you know, I recently experienced a loss that has forever changed my life: the earthly passing of my first-born daughter, Christina. While I have found that I do not have the words to describe the grief I’ve … Continue reading