Christmas Traditions at the Morton Meyerson Symphony Center

I love annual traditions and the yearly pilgrimage to hear the Dallas Symphony perform their Christmas celebration has been one of my favorites for twenty-six years. Thank you Daniel and Sunny Salls for making this years experience so special.

For twenty-two of those twenty-six years, Christina was by my side. It was an annual date I will always cherish. I will never forget the look of awe and wonder on Christina’s face each time we entered this sanctuary of symphonic beauty. Her expressions of excitement during “Sleigh Ride” never changed with her age. She loved the sound of the wood blocks that imitated Santa’s cracking of the reins and the trumpet that sounded like a reindeer’s whinny. The sound of the thirty-two-foot long bass pipes of the Lay family pipe organ always resulted in our eyes meeting with a mutual smile of appreciation and emotion during “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”. There are no words that adequately describe the emotions experienced by her absence, but I am forever thankful for the richness of her life.

Some things will never change and for that I am grateful.



2 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions at the Morton Meyerson Symphony Center

  1. I am so glad that you posted those photos of Christina because as I was reading your narrative I was visualizing those pictures from the past!!

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