The Power of Listening to Your Heart and Taking Action, Joe and Rick’s story in Gunchire, Ethiopia

The town of Gunchire is where it all started for Joe Robertson and pastor Rick of Pathway Church. It was here that their partnership built Kidmia orphanage. Later came a library with 6000 books, the kindergarten expansion, a water station … Continue reading

Terefea and her brother Habbu. With The Adera Foundation in and around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Saturday  June 6th  – Perhaps my favorite memory of this remarkable day was befriending Terefea and her brother Habbu on the long rocky descent by foot to Wenchi Crater Lake in the countryside of Ethiopia. An Interesting story about Habbu, it … Continue reading

Thursday June 4th – “Get out of the van!” in Dubai – In and around Ethiopia with The Adera Foundation

Destination Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Thursday June 4th – Our 15 hour flight went smoothly, arriving Thursday at 12:15pm Dubai time (3:15am CST). So, with our bodies feeling like 3am and our minds taking in the bright and sunny 109 degree skies … Continue reading