Emirates flight ek222

Flight EK222 4.jpg

Just when I thought that I had already met the best that Emirates has to offer, these guys on flight EK222 came along… their stories from Serbia, Lebanon, Thailand and Norway were beautiful and our time of sharing was memorable. We did have some moments of hilarity in the galley, I love how they insisted on taking some photos with the Emirates polaroid and gave me some copies, keeping some for themselves. Flights do not get any better than this.

Our fifteen hour flight ended much to quickly

On my way to Nepal and then India….

Flight EK222 1

Nearing Iceland during the night as we crossed the Atlantic. So beautiful

Flight EK222 2

Flight EK222 3

Flying 35,000 ft above St Petersburg Russia, my jaw dropped as I raised the shade and saw the spectacular array of colors that God painted across the sky…

Flight EK222 5

Things getting a little out of hand in the galley… the hat and tie was at their insistence :-O


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