Welcome to this world, baby Christina Paul

Christina Paul 1
Cradling little 5lb 6oz baby Christina Paul in my arms, only hours after her arrival into this world, was such a vivid reminder that life is both fragile and precious and should never be taken for granted. Despite her embilical cord being wrapped around her tiny neck three times, creating a worrisome heart rate shortly before her arrival, arrive she did, letting out a healthy cry to announce her presence on planet earth.
For Carol and I to be invited to share this moment of new life with our very special friends Princy and Binu, knowing that they named their precious baby after our daughter Christina made this moment all the more special.
Life is fragile and precious, such a beautiful gift.
The following blog posts are from last January when I traveled to Chennai, India to tell my daughter Christina’s Compassion story. Binu and Princy helped me prepare for that trip, inviting me to stay with his family while there. I fell in love with the Paul family in southern India and their gracious hospitality and these posts tell that story.

Christina Paul 2Christina Paul 3Christina Paul 4Christina Paul 5Christina Paul 6Christina Paul 7Christina Paul 8Christina Paul 9Christina Paul 10Christina Paul 11Christina Paul 12Christina Paul 13Christina Paul 15Christina Paul 16Christina Paul 17Christina Paul 18Christina Paul 19z Christina Paul 1z Christina Paul 2z Christina Paul 3


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