Hope and Future – In and around Antigua Guatemala, with Orphan Outreach

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Love, grace, mercy, new beginnings, beauty, hope… did I mention love?

These are the words that ran through my mind as I toured Hope and Future. As director Lilly Ferrer walked us through the home that she lovingly oversees, Lilly seemed more like a mom to the children than a director.

Hope and Future takes in teen moms ages 12-15 (read my earlier posts to learn more about the teen pregnancy crisis in Guatemala) and prepares them for life as an adult. In the last few days we have shed tears of sadness over some of what we have witnessed but here, we laughed and played with children that have real HOPE and a beautiful FUTURE.

Hope and Future is a children’s home that provides a safe and loving environment for more

than 22 teen moms and children rescued from abuse, neglect, and trafficking. The home not only takes care of the teenage moms, but their babies as well. Pastor Rony Madrid’s church Iglesia Cristiana Vida Real is intimately involved in the spiritual formation of the kids. On 8/29/2015 nine of the teen moms were baptized. Lilly Ferrer, who opened the home in 2013, leads Hope and Future. Before that she worked at a baby home in Guatemala.

In 2014, Orphan Outreach began a partnership with Lilly Ferrer and Esperanza y Futuro (Hope & Future). The home provides a safe and loving environment for more than 22 teen moms and children rescued from abuse, neglect, and trafficking.

Lilly opened Hope & Future in 2013 to care not only for the infants but for their mothers as well. The home is also a welcome place for other children who have been abandoned or abused. Special educational programs have been designed to meet the needs of all who live there, and the teen moms learn life skills and business skills that will help them prepare for adulthood.

Orphan Outreach provides humanitarian aid and funding for special projects. In addition, short-term mission teams visit to offer support, teach, construction and building updates, and share Christ-focused love with the children.



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