The Village Butcher – Pathandu, India

In the little village of Pathanadu, India, a couple of hours inland from the Arabian Sea, is a butcher who adores his family. He has three little girls that captured my heart. Unlike northern India, beef is more prevalent in the south, and as is typically the case, the butcher is muslim. My heart expanded once again as I photographed their beautiful smiles while their very proud father looked on as he continued his work.

The Village Butcher 1 The Village Butcher 2 The Village Butcher 3 The Village Butcher 4 The Village Butcher 5 The Village Butcher 6 The Village Butcher 7 The Village Butcher 8 The Village Butcher 9 The Village Butcher 10


One thought on “The Village Butcher – Pathandu, India

  1. I pray because of the light they saw in you, they will come to know Jesus as their Savior. Thanks for being a beacon to so many! Mary Jane

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