Christina, Words Of A Poet


So, I am sitting in a booth at the Montgomery street cafe across from this amazingly articulate young man named Jacob. With words befitting a poet, he describes his love for my daughter with eloquence and beauty. I knew at once I was looking into the eyes of the only other man on earth that knew the heart of my precious girl as I knew her. Tears of joy over God’s providence gave Jacob the approval he so lovingly sought. I will always remember the effort he took to make that event so special. He knowingly picked a place that I had been taking Christina to breakfast since she was big enough to fit into a booster seat and enjoy eggs, biscuits, bacon, and gravy. I had been praying for this young man before I ever knew he existed as I rocked baby Christina to sleep at night. And now, sitting before me was Gods answer. Since that encounter at the cafe I have watched young Jacob treat my daughter with love, respect, dignity, and a tenderness that can only come from an almighty, powerful, and tender loving God. How can we react to that kind of love in any other way but to fall before him with hearts overflowing with gratitude and joy?


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