Happy Fathers Day!

What does Father’s day have to do with Travel you might ask? Well, if you are a father who views life as a journey, then there is a significant correlation. Sifting through photo’s (as I often do) I am reminded of the precious commodity we call time and, like our travels, how quickly it passes. Looking through pictures also seems to put life into perspective, allowing us to glimpse the big picture rather that just the moment at hand.

With fathers day approaching I find great joy in looking back through my collection of photos and thanking God for blessing me with my precious family. One of my most favorite roles in life is as a father. Thanks for letting me share a few of my special memories below as I reflect on years past with my family.

Cat fishing with Christina 1991’….and yes I know how big those glasses are 🙂

Baby dedication day for Marshall 1998

Giving Christina nacho making lessons 1991′

Trout fishing with Marshall 1992′

Fathers day 2000′

Fathers day 2000′

First of MANY shopping trips with Carissa 2000′

Fathers day with my dad and boys 2001

Fathers day with my dad and boys 2006


Snorkeling La Jolla California June 2002

My father with Christina and Charlie 2006′

My father and Carissa, Thanksgiving 2007

Family camping in the San Juan Islands 2006′

Whale watching, San Juan Islands 2006′

Marshall’s High School Graduation 2007′

One of mine and Carissa’s first California trips 2008′

Christina’s graduation from Samford University 2008′

Family vacation at Yosemite

So fun, our annual thanksgiving tradition continues, watching William Bradford video.

Celebrating my fathers 82nd birthday

Matthew and I at the Grand Canyons with our “Krispy Kreme’s”

Christina’s Graduation from Golden Gate seminary

Christina’s wedding day 2010′

Matthew’s High School Graduation 2010′

Carissa and Matthew, Thanksgiving 2010

Christina and I on our annual Christmas trip to Dallas

Marshall’s wedding day 2011′

Thanksgiving 2011 football game

Carissa and I at Crystal Cove beach, California 2011′

Annual trip to the Dallas Symphony at Christmas…love the glow on there faces from the big Christmas tree 2011′

You guys make everyday Fathers Day for me, I love you all more than you will ever know,



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