Marshall’s Graduation Celebration

I enjoy graduations a great deal. One of my favorite TV moments is in May when the Nightly News does a slideshow recap of many of the major university’s graduations with excerpts from there speakers. Graduations are a milestone, a reminder of the passing of time.  It’s also an opportunity  to stop and acknowledge the graduates accomplishments and reflect a little on the road he or she journeyed to get there. 
As a parent who just attended the graduation service of my oldest son Marshall, it was a time of many happy emotions. Watching him cross the stage and accepting his diploma for a Bachelor of arts degree in english, with a secondary teaching certification was a tremendous moment and one that we will not soon forget. Carol and I were blessed to share the moment with Marshall’s wife Tessa and the rest of our family who attended the graduation service at the University of Texas at Arlington.
The following photographs are of our graduation celebration and I smile when I view them.  Many of you who read this have impacted Marshall’s  journey by your teaching, coaching or simply your friendship.  Thanks for sharing this moment with us and I  covet any thoughts you might like to share through your comments here. Lastly (but not least) Marshall has excepted a teaching position that starts this fall at Cassata High School here in Fort Worth. CONGRATS TO MARSHALL!!


8 thoughts on “Marshall’s Graduation Celebration

  1. Ronnie, I loved seeing this special time in your family’s life! Did you actually go inside the kitchen at Potager? : )

    • Haha, while I would not put that past me it was not necasary as the cooking area was very open to the dining area. Great place to eat btw, I recommend it! Thanks for taking the time to look. 🙂

  2. Way to go Marshall! What a great accomplishment and great parents and sweet wife to have supported you along the way!

  3. Ronnie, I am so proud of Marshall. I think he is such a wonderful young man. I know that he means so much to Zach. I will be sure and let know that Marshall graduated. Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us. Yay!!!

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